Letter to my guy friend/s

Dear Friend Hey Bro, Always know, my dear friend, that for now, I will treat you as my brother. Even though I “feel” that I “like” you, I also know, by learned experiences, that these are unreliable indicators for a possible relationship. You see, as much as I would want/feel/dream/hope/pray for us to be in a […]

First Jog in 2015

This morning, I just had my first jog ever in the century. Just Kidding. First in the year 2015. Yes, I’ll mark it, January 21, 2015 🙂 And to be honest, for the past weeks and even, past months (December, November), I preferred the company of my bed than making my move through the cold […]


A day before the set Prayer and Fasting, and here the christian faith is already challenged by the attacks of the enemy. Unwanted Reality of the Believer Was once of the world (Colossians 1:21), the believer is bombarded with the attacks of the enemy as it tries to get her back to the world with […]

Waiting Smoothly

As the traffic flowed smoothly, I can’t help but reckon that I will be way too earlier than expected. Appointed at 1PM, my client interview turned out to be a 2-hour wait as I arrived at the office one hour earlier plus another hour in waiting for the client. Honestly, I am the kind of […]