About the Author

-|| Harmony || Connectedness || Developer || Belief || Responsibility ||
(StrengthsFinders 2.0)
-Steady(Corrective-2nd Dominant) Carabao (Younique)
-INFP (Myer-Briggs Personality Test)

DISCLAIMER:Actually, my individuality isn’t based on what the results say, what other people (you, yes you.) say, what I own or do not own, what I have achieved and not achieved in my life, what I have done right (and wrong) in my life. It’s not even based on what I say I am.

When God, with His initiative (Rom3:24a), softened my heart and reached out to me (2009), my blind eyes were opened (Is42:7) from the sins I had been wallowing. Now, I have been saved by grace (not by my filthy-ragged works, by the way, Is64:6); Meanwhile, even in my christian walk, I still stumble and sin but thank God because I am in this process of sanctification (Rom6:19) to becoming like my Personal Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ 🙂 So please, be patient with me because God is not finished with me yet.

With Daddy God’s mighty power and love, my identity has been firmly grounded, rooted and founded in Him (Eph1:5). I am His daughter, made in the image and likeness of Him (Gen1:27) and made fearfully, wonderfully and thoughtfully (Ps139:13-18), who believes that He gave me Jesus, His one and only Son (Jn 3:16), to save and free me from my eecky-eewy sins, alongside with it is it’s miserable company which are annoyingly deafening heart-wrenching condemning lies from the enemy (Rom8:1-2).

Two thousand (and counting) years ago, Jesus Christ canceled the record of the charges of my sins against me and even took it away by nailing it to the Cross. (Col2:14). Thank You for this unfathomable love. Thank You for loving me first above any one at all. I love You, Lord. What more can I say. 🙂




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