A Warm Christmas Day

This 2015, the 25th welcomed us with a bright shot of sunlight as a few crease of the curtain made a hole to the room.

As the day went by here at home, it seemed like a normal one.

It’s just that…

There’s full awareness within us of the REASON FOR THIS SEASON, Jesus.

It’s the same as the beam of sunlight in our face earlier, it’s normal… but it’s presence is more apparent than ever.

My father’s playing good instrumental jazz-y music while my mother’s finishing a whole heap of clothes to be ironed. My younger brother went around town in his biking gear with his mountain bike. While I? I just slept a whole 3 hours this afternoon. 🙂

Now that it’s almost evening, there’s a few more hours left to end this Christmas Day 2015…

My sincere prayer is that in every season, it’s always going to be HIM, Jesus, who’ll be the reason. Whether it’s good times or bad times, May it be Jesus who glues us together, keeping our heads in the ground and our knees glued to the ground as well, praying before Him in thanksgiving and in faith.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!



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