Family: Together Again

It is a happy moment when parents visit us here. My mother and father checks on the refrigerator; it wasn’t turned on and it was as empty as an eggshell. But just a few days, we become undeniably well-nourished and well-pampered as abundance of healthy food becomes apparent in the refrigerator and on the dining table. Even canned foods and other “necessities” are pumped up in the cabinets.This set-up or placement of our family really wasn’t our plan.

You might wonder why they “visit” us when a family is “supposedly” together. (Thank you, Yolanda) We wonder too. Yet, this happens only every other month or every other week, depending on the budget and financial provision.

But since God’s plan is better and bigger than ours, as a result, we get to appreciate more of each other’s absence, presence and existence.

After how many weeks, just last Thursday, my mother surprised me and younger brother with her companion. To be honest, we didn’t expect to see Tatay with her (as they informed otherwise) but we weren’t surprised either. We have been used to their surprise-surprise antics.

It has been a month and a half since we’ve been together. And counting the cost, it really is too much to spend for fare expenses just for the sake to be with family and to exploit the expanded holidays. We really missed each other. It’s just obvious as we dine a lot more outside and prioritize real conversations that phone calls cannot equate.

This Sunday, my father has gone back to Tacloban, Leyte already. Of course, he doesn’t leave without any words of wisdom for us here in the South. (Yes Father, will study and start on the investments and will jumpstart my career right).

Now it’s Tuesday, and one more night to pass, my mother’s going back too, and it would be between me and my younger brother again. It does feel sad that we’ll be apart from each other for a long time again, but with these instances, we have learned to savor each other, be strong and be committed to communicate with each other, unlike our few years back when we thought we’re stable in Leyte. But in these times, every prayer for a safe travel and for each other counts; every breakfast, lunch and dinner together matters; every moment with each other is the gift (and maybe the only gift) the Almighty has blessed us with.

We may not be complete, as a family, always. But we have learned to respect and to love each other, to cherish and to make plans together, to pray and play as buddies, even to connect and share our stories in a personal level; And to just be family, even when we’re miles apart.

And as a family, we just have to keep calm and Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the LORD with all (y)our heart; do not depend on (y)our own understanding.”


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