When the Day Rains with Blessings…

Last Friday of the month, it is raining with blessings -small and big, unnoticeable and the obvious. Collectively for the whole week, these stories of sunshine and rainbows are worth sharing. The beauty with blessings depends on the perspective of the beholder. So, even with celebrations and even with the delays, the beholder effectively and boldly captures the essence of blessings and seasons with faith and trust.

There has been a lot of degrees shifted in my perspective. How? Ever since I have been charged to the unemployed sector of the society (sounds like I’ve been factionless/outcast, but actually, it’s just a phase/season), I have been entrusted with bigger responsibilities involving the financial aspects of living. As a middle child, I am not used to place high importance to what practicality calls saving and budgeting. However, being a young professional, it has become my great burden and at the same time, a privilege to be a good steward of money.

A Quest to Financial Freedom

That is why, this week, along with the paying of monthly dues and bills, I decided to take the baby steps and do something to be financially literate. Recommended mostly by my father, I read books and blog posts in the net of what is takes and means to be financially literate. I also referred to the Scriptures as to what God really says about wealth and riches.

So as a beginner, I went to a bank and inquired about their investments/insurance programs. Then, in the middle of the week, I willfully attended a seminar on strategic wealth planning which also talked about investments and insurances. By deliberately doing so, I actually felt and experienced this financial freedom, even if I have not my monthly wage yet. I have been blessed a mindset about money that “We are masters to money, and not slaves to them.” I actually learned a lot. And so, I thank my father for pushing me to really be serious with this area of my life and my Abba Father for changing my heart and mindset with tithing and with the responsibility of being a steward to His riches in this Earth.

Catching Up with a Friend

In that same day of the seminar, I met up with my college friend who was my dormmate and org-mate in one of the organizations in college. And since it’s her first time to be in this city, I volunteered to be with her for the day and explored the city together (not the whole coverage of the land area). With each other, we caught up through our stories and ideas of our lives. We also explored high-class restaurants and snack shops in Davao City. At the end, we both acknowledged that Davao City is challenging to walk in to, compared to our same home-university at Dumaguete City.

Cost of Delays to Cancellations

Unemployed as I may be, I did take the initiative, for the last few months, in looking for a job.  By faith, I received my first job. Although officially I am not hired yet, I am to have my first client yet. So, yesterday, I was actually scheduled for a client interview. But, it was rescheduled due to technical issues. That’s why, I got to cancel my Lifegroup/Bible Study with the Grade 10 students for today, even though I am not sure that I would be having an interview today. As the topic is about relationships, I actually felt bad that I would miss this session with the girls. Still, I will pray for them. And in connection with my interview, I have time to prepare and study the website of the client.


Just yesterday, our family has been rejoicing. That’s because, a young professional has been added to the clan. One of my cousins passed the board exam for licensure for Architecture. And with happy hearts, we congratulated our dearest cousin for already being an Architect as published in the Professional Regulatory Commission. And this day that the Lord has made, we also celebrate the second birth day of our baby in the family. My niece, Lois Reinn, is a blessing to our families. We are pleased and childlike to have her in our homes. Bragging in the what God has done, we take pride in her for surviving two strong typhoons: Supertyphoon Haiyan/ Yolanda while they were in Tacloban City and Supertyphoon Hagupit/Ruby while they were in Carigara, Leyte. So, the bottom line is, it’s all about perspective. This week may have been hectic and full of surprises with delays or celebrations, it’s a matter of how to take it all in, with acceptance or with rejection. I love this week for all it’s worth. And for this friday, I would like to savor the glory of God at home, as the day continues to shower with rain and blessings.


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