Ancient yet Pratical Leadership Tips: Principles of the Way of the Shepherd

The Way of the Shepherd

  1. Know the Condition of Your Flock
    • Follow the status of your people as well as the status of the work.
    • Get to know your flock, one sheep at a time.
    • Engage your people on a regular basis.
    • Keep your eyes and ears open, question, and follow through.
  2. Discover the Shape of Your Sheep
    • Your choice of sheep can make flock management easier or harder
    • Start with healthy sheep, or you’ll inherit someone else’s problems.
    • Know the SHAPE of y our sheep to make sure they’re in the right fold
  3. Help Your Sheep Identify with You
    • Build trust with y our followers by modeling authenticity, integrity and compassion.
    • Set high standards of performance.
    • Relentlessly communicate  your values and sense of mission.
    • Define the cause for your people and tell them where they fit in.
    • Remember that great leadership isn’t just professional, it’s personal/
  4. Make Your Pasture a Safe Place
    • Keep your people well informed.
    • Infuse every position with importance.
    • Cull chronic instigators from the flock.
    • Regularly rotate the sheep to fresh pastures.
    • Reassure the sheep by staying visible
    • Don’t give problems time to fester.
  5. The Staff of Direction
    • Know where you’re going, get out in front, and keep your flock on the move.
    • When directing, use persuasion rather than coercion.
    • Give your people freedom of movement, but make sure they know where the fence line is. Don’t confuse boundaries with bridles!
    • When your people get in trouble, go and get them out.
    • Remind your people that failure isn’t fatal.
  6. The Rod of Correction
    • Protect: Stand in the gap and fight for your sheep.
    • Correct: Approach discipline as a teaching opportunity.
    • Inspect: Regularly inquire about your people’s progress.
  7. The Heart of the Shepherd
    • Great leadership is a lifestyle, not a technique.
    • Every day you have to decide who’s going to pay for your leadership -you or your people.
    • Most of all, have a heart for your sheep.

SOURCE: The Way of the Shepherd: 7 Ancient Secrets to Managing Productive People by Dr. Kevin Leman and William Pentak


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