A day before the set Prayer and Fasting, and here the christian faith is already challenged by the attacks of the enemy.

Unwanted Reality of the Believer

Was once of the world (Colossians 1:21), the believer is bombarded with the attacks of the enemy as it tries to get her back to the world with all it’s lies, lusts, pathetic desires, bright and shining temptations, empty promises of the temporal pleasures. Undeniably, the magnetic pull back to the world is the works of the pursuit of the enemy (Exodus 15:9:10). It masks with its temptations to the pressures and expectations of the world, to the current fad, to pulling you to keep on scrolling on the news feed of any social media existing, to the injected lustful thoughts, past sins (like 2 years ago or 2 minutes ago). The attacks are real. The believer is aware of that. She feels the spread of the negativity manifest.

Spiritual Warfare

Signs of enemy’s attacks spiritually:

  • Self-gratifying and unpleasant attitude towards others
  • Doubts on the Existence
  • Negative feelings and insecurities
  • Physical weakness

Few as they are, the greater their impact. They waver the faith that has been instilled within. They try to uproot from the foundation of Truth to bring back to the filthy world. They are devastating attacks that leave the subject helpless and doubting. Definitely tempted, the believer feels the magnetic pull of the temporary pleasures of the world once more. Once more, she is tempted. She is on the brink of giving up… Until..

The Importance of Being Firmly Rooted (Equipped)

Feeling the mighty King’s embrace, she knows that going back to what it was before won’t do her any good, even indulging to the temporary pleasures of the world. The world, or these present troubles, are nothing compared, are not worthy to the glory of what He has to offer in His Kingdom. (Romans 8:18). She clings to the beauty of the truth which brings relief and peace that comes not of this world but from where God has left for her (John 14:27). She decides to love the Truth, who is God Himself (John 1).


Even with this ongoing spiritual battle, she believes, claims and declares God has already won the victory (John 16:33). She is relieved for He has overcome the world, she is dead to sin and at the same time, alive in Christ (Romans 6:11). She returns to loving and beholding the Truth, to praying incessantly for she can’t do it alone no more… and she declares and claims the peace that Jesus has left for His believers, this peace that transcends all understanding, this peace that dissolves the bullets mentioned above. (Philippians 4:7).

Thank You Jesus. The victory is won. You have won it all for me. :’) And all I need to do, is to hold on to You, with cheerful endurance.


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