Waiting Smoothly

As the traffic flowed smoothly, I can’t help but reckon that I will be way too earlier than expected. Appointed at 1PM, my client interview turned out to be a 2-hour wait as I arrived at the office one hour earlier plus another hour in waiting for the client.

Honestly, I am the kind of person who doesn’t need or desire to be too early nor too late. I am the person to value my arrival on the dot,more or less. As a student for 21 years, I seemed to have mastered this attitude yet sometimes, bordering a few minutes late or early.

Yet, since being part of a workforce requires the employed to respect the employers’ and customers’ time therefore, the employed must arrive earlier than expected.

I guess, I shouldn’t have mumbled inside of my mind about being way too early. In fact, I didn’t linger on the complaining. I decided to be thankful; At Robinsons Cybergate,  I got to eat lunch first and afterwards, I lazed towards the office. Thirty minutes before the schedule, I decided to arrive at the building. Waiting for another hour, I prepped and prayed inside the Classically Red Phone Booth for the interview with the Client, who is currently in Australia. (Take note how I used the term: decide. It was the very timely application of patience while in the waiting situation. It’s important to be Proactive .)

The last time we had a schedule, he was certainly considerate to dismiss me as he deemed that I have wasted my time waiting. But then, I was actually fine and still, a reschedule was done.

Finally, this afternoon, the interview was done. Indeed, Australians are nice people.

After him getting to know about my personal life, I was dismissed ten minutes later. Whatever feedback, I will be grateful still for this experience.

PS. I’ve seen at least 10 Volkswagen Beetles with the smooth traffic flow in the City. Happy 2015!


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