When you beg God to talk to you..

When you beg God to talk to you, he actually does.

It just takes a listening and willful soul to heed His loving voice.

Last week, I just got an interview for a job that I applied for in the website called jobstreet. I wasn’t really expecting for my resume to be reviewed even, but I did go to the interview anyway. With the amateur spirit of being unemployed, I was beginning to be excited and enthusiastic all over this. However, going there wasn’t an easy feat for the ride that I rode didn’t pass to that street. So, I dropped off in the fork road, and walked the way to the venue.

Stench of frozen smoke welcomed me as I entered the small four-walled air-conditioned room. Cubicles of four rows began to form shape. And I realized it was a call center. After having to wait for a few minutes, a tall guy approached me and led me to his table. He started the interview.

The Interview

It went well. The man, by the name of Ryan, asked me questions which challenged my degree, my choice of career, my personality and most of all, my willingness to be hired. At that time, I actually wanted to be hired. I experienced wanting to be hired in a job that is not in line with my finished degree. It was fun. With the interview, I gained knowledge about Call Centers generally, about their own kind of Call Center (Outbound) and what skills they’d need from an applicant. I also learned about myself. Haha.

The Dilemma

Then came the weekends, when I began, too, challenging my thoughts and actions.

Was this for me? Was I just doing this for the sake of doing this? What do I really want to do in life?

Now, when you start evaluating anything, you can’t help but acknowledge the feelings stemming from the decisions you’re about to make. After the interview, I was invited for the orientation the following week. After the orientation, if you will be accepted, you are to begin your work next week.

Throughout the week, I contemplated so hard about this orientation whether I should go or not. If I got accepted, I would have to work the day after. Am I even ready to work already? If I don’t get accepted, then charge it to experience, Jaydz. And so those two days, I prayed to God. I begged to Him of what I should do because my indecisiveness has started to paralyze me. Although I was open to going wearing business formal attire or just staying at home, savoring my free time until it ends this year.

The Answer

Monday morning rose a new dawn. I woke up early and slept again because of the cozy weather. Then, I had a bad dream with a theme just like Paranormal Activity, only in broad daylight. That was one of the worst dreams yet for even if I didn’t encounter scary figures and faces, that feeling of anticipation paralyzed and drowned me with fear. I didn’t know what to do. So, I decided to wake up and get up and face the day.

I chose to stay at home and just be with God. And there I realized my Be-Still moments have not ended yet.

God urges me to “Be still, jaydee and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10



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