Making Friends: Building Connections

One does not actually and literally “make” friends for they cannot pro-create to bearing a human in this world. But rather, one makes friend by sparking a connection between them.

While I restarted my morning jog, it was my utmost pleasure to start a conversation (sooo big deal) with among those whom I would always meet with her two dogs for her morning walk.

Our small talk grew when we mentioned where we came from. Having mentioned that I hail from Tacloban City, I saw her face brightened up with a big smile as she responded that she is also Waray, coming from Calbayog, Samar.

Deep inside my mind, I was immensely grateful for it has been an indelible task to exist in a place without a familiar acquaintance speaking the same language and intonation as yours. Thank God for we have met.

Her name is Nessa. She is a caregiver in a household here in the subdivision. Everyday, she walks the dogs, Hansel and Jenny around. Her dogs are very good actually. But once we have settled, Hansel senses the fear around me so he reacts to my dark force. I am afraid of dogs because of a past experience. However, obviously, they are going to be my good friends soon.


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