Day 3: The Black and White Photo Challenge

“Of Remembrances into Remarkable Remnants and Ruins”

They could have died. You could have raised the storm surge to 5 feet higher. You could have strengthened the winds to 350kph enough to blow down our dirty-kitchen-steel-trusses where they sheltered themselves during the supertyphoon. But no, you didn’t. You WERE in control. You ARE in control. You WILL always be in control.

We, Tatay and I, may have not experienced firsthand the storm surge but we had the emotional kind which tested our faith. In those days of being unable to reach to the ones we loved dearly, I believe our prayer life and faith evolved and intensified.

In my case, my prayers started selfishly with the intention of keeping them alive. But watching little footages and reading articles in the media, it transitioned to a balanced one like “Lord, kun buhi pa hira, pakauna hira please. Pero kun diri na, maaram ako na happy hira in Your heaven.” Until eventually, when I learned that Fatima Village/Coca-Cola Area was also badly hit, I decided to surrender and entrust my family and friends to His Hands na. I started to accept the possibility of their death with our conversations ni Tatay. And I was already praying for strength to move on from whatever happened.

Then and there, I acknowledged HIS SOVEREIGNTY above everything else. Nothing else could ever waver our faith after what we’ve gone through as a family, as a village, as a city, as a region, as Visayas, as nation and as a country.

Lord, Salamat, because we are still complete and alive. We may have lost material things but we surely gained a lot more respect and faith in Who You truly are in our lives. Surely, we will never forget the people/universities/family friends who comforted and helped us. :’)

Thank You for being good to us.


Day 3: The Black and White Photo Challenge



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