It’s always on the fifth of the eleventh month.

God has blessed me a man:

  • who may be allergic to chicken and crustaceans and may be avoiding pork and cuisines (for health reasons) but who has shown us that fish can ultimately be healthy and still delicious at the same time through SUTUKIL style.
  • who has trained us to eat vegetables.
  • who may have not always fetched me to and from elementary schooland high school, but who has always been there with me through my difficult moments which lead to victorious ones.
  • who may have not fought my public and private battles, but who has taught me how to face them head on and who has shared to met that “In every problem, there is always an opportunity.”
  • who has always believed in me and my God-given talents when the insecurities got the best of me.
  • who may have not faced my bullies, critics and enemies but who has taught me to walk away and not mind them because they are not worth the time, thought and effort.
  • who has shown me how a husband must love his wife and priortize his family over any thing/commitment else.
  • who may have not stopped our noisy sibling fights in the house but who instead gave us knives and scissors to each one of us so that we could realize that these petty fights and childish hatred are not worth having with the fact that we are all we got: brothers and sister.
  • who may have had his own practical choice of university for me but who instead has given each of us a chance to vote and discuss which university I should be going for college.
  • who may have not killed the people who broke my heart, but who has been with me while my heart was mending from its brokenness and who has even imparted to me his share of his shattering moments (ranging from love to work).
  • who may have not told me comforting “it will be okay” statements while we were apart from our family last November 8, 2013 during the onslaught of Yolanda, but who instead prepared me to live the life we’re given even if it would mean the possibility of the death of the other beloved family members at Techno Lane, Fatima Village, Tacloban City and yet, still hoped for the best. 🙂
  • who has acted out of faith and logic, at the same time, when he went back to our home in Tacloban City to get my family who survived the storm surge. :’)
  • who may have to start over as a family in an unknown distant land from where we used to live but who still has the willpower to remind all of us the mysterious plan God has for us.
  • who not only acts as a pillar of our family and home but who is also a leader, a follower, a friend, a bestfriend, a guidance counselor…

FACTS: He is the eldest among 9 of his siblings. White as snow, his hair has been his crowning glory. To be honest, the nature of his career is one that I look up to be doing too which involves helping others help themselves, traveling and earning. And lastly, my name is derived from his name (first name and of course, the family name).

However, one thing is for sure: is that along with her, he has been chosen (by the Creator) as one of the procreators to create me and the other two. That’s why my brothers and I turned out to be this and that. All glory to God 🙂

Happy Name Day, Tatays. I will always be grateful to God that you are my father. Thank you and always know that I am aware of your (sometimes, or most of the time, overprotective) love for me as your only daughter and that also, I love you Tatays. See you soon!



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