March: Month of Marching

At this last day of the month, it’s a privilege to summarize most of the special events that happened to my life, to my family and even to my friends. 

  • After 5 years (without summer classes), I finally got my degree in Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering last 23rd of March at Silliman University, Dumaguete City of Negros Oriental. Praise God for being with me all throughout, for never leaving me, for not allowing me to reach the bottom of the pit, for always guiding me, for getting me closer to The Way, The Truth and The Life (Silliman Motto: VIa Veritas VIta) who is Jesus Christ, for giving me a glimpse of who I am made to be (just awesome), and for many more. Thank You God!
  • For the graduation commencement exercises last March 27 of my younger brother, Junjun has been through a lot of events in his life. Cheers to Junjun! And may God reveal to you what your future career will be through your course in college. 
  • Thanksgiving Celebration was held at Samal Island last March 29. My mother and I had a small fight. Praise God for the patience and push to forgive her. hihi.

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