The Enemy always tells you hurting lies but God assures you with nothing but the truth.

I know these hurting lies do not come from God. I know that what I am hearing now like “What kind of a Christian are you? You say that you love God but why aren’t you in any ministry of His church? You call yourself a God’s daughter? Shame on you for calling yourself her daughter when you are not reciprocating what He has done for you. Look at the other Christians, even if they are busy, they still have time for God and you? What are you doing?” are deceitful, untrue statements.

What I’ve heard loudly in my head are actually worse than those paraphrased statements. It hurts especially when I dwell on them and I start “overthinking” about it. It does cripple my heart that I call myself a “Christian” and yet, I do not serve any ministry in God’s Church. There are a lot of things that hinder me from serving but this is one of the greatest factors: restraint from my Catholic family. And now, I don’t want to dwell on the lies, I don’t want to settle on the boundaries.The truth will set me free. There are no boundaries.

I was once a Roman Catholic. And even if I have become a Born-Again Christian, I thank my previous religion for introducing me more about God  until the time came when I personally encountered God myself. Oh how He revealed Himself to me in amazing ways unimaginable.

That personal encounter with God is the grandest and most awesome experience I have ever had. And ever since that day, every day has become marvelous encounters with Him always surprising me with His awesomeness. My life bloomed into a flower with purpose. My life has become one great adventure because of the leaps of faith in believing in His only will and grand purpose for me. My life made sense when I met Jesus, His son, who is enough in my existence in this temporal world. There is nothing I can ask for more anymore. He died for me in that cross to save me, to wash away my all my sins, so that I  too can become co-heirs with Him before God. He was God who was made into flesh. He is the most romantic lover who completes me. He is my Personal Lord and Savior. Oh how He always saves me from distressing situation. I am forever blessed in Him. And I believe in Him.

And because of all of these, the grace that is overflowing in me responds in a way that I want the world to be with me in seeking God. Because of this grace, I can’t help but be happy about it and be secured in God’s hands. Because of this grace, I become courageous, bold, brave and faithful in everything that I do –all for the name of bringing the glory back to Him. Because God, I know that even if I am not a hardcore volunteer, the fact that you gave me LIz for me to have a personal discipleship (121) sessions with is just overwhelming. I am so joyous that I have someone to share the knowledge of You. And know, enemy, even if you made me insecure for a second, I know that God is happy that I am discipling someone as per called in the Great Commission in Matthew. I know that with You, I am already serving like the others because we are all equal before Your eyes.

Praise God for Your glory. 🙂

Thank You.


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