He is jealous for me.

“He is jealous for me. He loves like a hurricane;I am a tree, bending beneath the weight of HIs wind and mercy.” -Kim Walker, How He Loves Us

Recently, I am having these petty “crushes” or infatuations on certain guys in our college. I have been playing in my mind such selfish plots of confessions of their endearment to me. And as much as I enjoy it, a small voice kept creeping in my mind. It became stronger until it told me, “I am jealous.” 

That’s when I realized that God IS jealous for me. He made me ask myself “Isn’t my son, Jesus Christ, enough for you?”

And I answered out of defense, “God, He is enough for me!”.

And I thought (which I know God knows even before I thought about it) that it’s my fleshly desires that I willfully entertain that makes me forget the truly romantic that any person can do. And how, starting from now, I would like to be engulfed by the saving grace and loving embrace of my Personal Lord and Saviour in the cross, Jesus Christ. 

It’s but indeed an awesome feeling that God’s love is shown through His son, Jesus Christ. He did not only showed me how He loves me so much, He was even crucified with my sins from the past and the future. And man, how I am saved. How I feel so loved more than ever. And human as I am, may I remember this GREAT LOVE at every moment of my life, in my happiness, in my insecurities, in my triumphs, in my panicky moments, in all of my life. Whatever I am feeling, I know it wouldn’t change His constant love for me. And how I am amazed by all these.. How it keeps me going through whatever is happening in my life. 

Amazing, Lord God. 




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