I know I can trust in Your Love

Obviously, the people have moved on from the calamity that struck in Central Visayas last November 9. My family and I also have moved on. But still, despite the productive moved-on life I have now, in the farthest corner in me, I still feel sad about my community. After seeing music videos with Tacloban City as their setting, I am stirred with nostalgia and sadness. Right now, it’s not the profound sadness that I felt during the first two weeks of mourning after the Yolanda but it’s rather the deep sadness that sinks in me about the helplessness and denial of some citizens that were left cold, struggling from starting over and homelessness while a Low Pressure Area is happening at the moment. 

I know this sadness is temporary because my Hope in Christ is alive. God is working His ways to helping my city, my region and my province. I don’t see it now. I may be fooled by my misconceptions of corruption and unjust relief distribution but my hope is sure in Christ and He will rebuild Central Visayas and the whole of Philippines with God’s Army and more followers in Christ. 🙂

Bangon Tacloban. Bangon Leyte and Samar. Bangon Visayas. Bangon Pilipinas. 🙂


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