Most Terrible Homesickness

It’s January 2014 already. And I am back here in Dumaguete to finish what I started called my degree. By God’s grace and time, my brother and I will be able to graduate this March. So, right now, I must get over this homesickness before it distracts and pulls me down and delay what I need to do. With a tiny ray of hope, I am actually feeling that my recent Christmas Break experience with my family, who survived supertyphoon Haiyan, is a fuel and a drive for me to finish my degree in Engineering. Soon enough, school will bombard me with assignments, exams and even requirements especially that the term is about to end. Also, in my extra-curricular aspect, my regional org will need to have its election of officers and IPR before the closing of the second semester. 

But anyway, I’d like to thank God for all the blessings, by far, He has given me. He has not only blessed my family a million lives but He has also a new faith and a revelation to the power of God and of miracles. He also provided stewards to my family as they were pulled out from the ruined house in Tacloban. He also showered us with blessings of time of togetherness at the most important part of our lives. Oh God, praise You for Your Goodness and Grace. Thank You so much for all of these. I have cried of happiness for the love that You’ve sent upon us not only by sparing us from the typhoon and of other calamities but also for the love You’ve sent through Your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. I hope that my family and I would get to know Him more. 🙂 Amen.


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