A different kind of New Year celebration

This 2014, my family and I welcomed it differently from our usual traditions. Now that we’re in Davao City where fireworks are banned, we actually appreciated the peaceful kind of celebration even if we’ve lived to the smog and smoke of the fireworks in Tacloban City. 

Cars of all sorts paraded the subdivision with their honking and loud music. Kids were blowing their torotots as loudly and long as possible. I, on the other hand, also blew my own torotot while jumping because I know God has made 2014 His year for my family and I. 🙂 We were given another chance to start over as a family in a new home. It’s really amazing and overwhelming that we can’t stop thanking the Almighty for this life, for this breath that we’re breathing at the moment and for every grace and even disgrace that we’ve received throughout the year. 



Thank You Lord; You’re really awesome for sparing my family the wrought from Yolanda. Thank You because you have made us stronger and more faithful amidst typhoons, literally and figuratively, challenges and problems. Grabeh. I am still at awe just like the time I knew about one of the Good News I have ever received in my life –that life is gift that we chose to treasure. 🙂


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