Misleading feelings are nothing to His Unfailing love. :)

There are moments of my life that I feel insignificant and unimportant. They are emphasized in group works, or just plainly being in a group, I feel unimportant with these situations because I feel that I am unheard and not valued. Every time I feel this, it disturbs and haunts me that I arrive at a point that I begin to question my existence and purpose in living.

But that was a long time ago. Long time ago, I entertained such feelings of uncertainties and doubt. However, until I truly responded to God’s amazing and awesome grace, I realized that whatever I am feeling today, yesterday and tomorrow, GOD WILL ALWAYS LOVE ME FOR WHO I AM. And to me, even if I am single and away from my parents right now, I feel more secure than ever in my life. Even if I am in a group and my flesh feels unimportant, a little voice simple whispers in my conscious: “Jaydz, God loves you.”

That simple and basic truth is enough for me to go on through the day replenished, enthusiastic and inspired. And I thank my Church for revealing to me that wonderful truth. I am always inspired to live my day with God’s grace and mercy.

And to you reader, whatever you’re feeling today, God loves you. Always remember that.


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