That moment when God uses people to give you hope.

Sometimes, people can annoy you so much that you find them a target to destroy. Sometimes, they can unusually give you a sense of purpose. But I’m not saying that these kinds of people can be of the same category. Well, except our beloved mother who is always there for us and give us unsolicited advice. 😀 

Anyways, this day, I am so blessed, truly blessed. I have been taking care, with God’s grace, my issue on my OJT subject because I wasn’t officially enrolled last summer. To be honest, preparing all the letters and making negotiations are taking up my free periods wherein I am supposed to rest or study. But I have learned my lesson a big deal. My carelessness can bring to me great heights of disaster. I must be wary and be vigilant of all things especially things that deal with transactions and justifications like enrollment, papers and others. I really need to be careful. My carelessness truly costs me a lot of time and effort. 

With this,I’d like to pray to You God. I thank You so much for the many blessings You gave me. Thank You for the people I have met today: Dr. Betsy Joy Tan, Ma’am Germilyn from MIS Department and many more higher authority people. Bless them Lord that they may continue to be a blessing to other people, that they may continue to inspire others. Lord, I’d like to ask You God to guide me. Help me foresee and anticipate my shortcomings that it would not be so detrimental to my future. Help me to balance my studies. I desperately need your help Lord for I can’t do it alone. Forgive me for my sins and shortcomings Lord for I am truly a sinner. 




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