How do you deal with Difficult People?

Difficult people are basically those people whom when you talk or do something with them, your insides churn, your mind starts to emit steam and your eyes seem to narrow.

People of these cases can be bossy, annoying, irritating, and many others. And the saddest fact is, you can’t avoid them. They are everywhere. They can be your roommate, classmate, batchmate, boss, teacher, family, etc. 

But what is more amazing are the people who can deal with them easily. It may be because of experience that they are able to control their temper or it may be they are simply proactive people. 

And I sincerely pray to God, to grant me the patience, understanding and smile to handle every difficult people and situation that will come in my life. The past few weeks was tough for me. My co-officers in the Academic Organization can be really stressful as one gave me annoying orders with that annoying tone while the other one also gave me that annoying tone. And honestly, how I wanted to answer back to them and slap them or anything that will just release my anger and irritation. But no Lord, You have granted me this grace and mercy that prevent me from doing such. Yes Lord, every time I angrily think of them, I want to some bad stuff but in the end, I wouldn’t because then, I would ask myself What Would Jesus Do? 


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