An Open Letter to My Father


Dear Tatay, 

Being the most influential person of my life, I am thankful to everything you have shared and that you will share to me. Like Nanay, you always call me just to make sure I am okay. But the most honorable a father could do is that you are always there to financially support the family with all your heart and your God-given talents.

I always await for your drunken moments for because your long speeches seem to make sense all the time. Even in you sober state, I get the optimum wisdom from you. I am sorry for not pursuing into PMA. I just felt it wasn’t my calling. But thank you for always listening. You are my inspiration in terms of career, life, listening, optimism, wisdom and such. 

You have always supported me in my every endeavor even if it’s sometimes against your will. Along with Nanay, you have always given me your best. With all of these, I salute you. I am deeply touched and grateful. 

Tatay, you have never been insecure of anything, even with your height, white hair and crooked teeth. You have taught me to be positive. Suicidal as I was before, you turned the table and showed how the world offers rainbows in platters we subtly notice. I would even remember a parable you told me when I was young about 3 sons. They moved to a new house and the father challenged the sons to fill their rooms with about anything, meaning, there mustn’t be any space left. Since the eldest son was a doctor, he filled his room with his medical stuff and papers and such. And yet, he wasn’t able to fill the room. The next son was  lawyer and he decided to fill his room with his legal papers and such. Again, he couldn’t fill the room. After the father checked on the 2 siblings, he checked his youngest who was an ordinary person. He was astonished to what the youngest was able to fill the room with. The youngest son just placed a candle in between and yes, the light filled the room, even at the corners. Tatay, this story inspires me to my very being. This inspires to become the unique star that I can be. I am so honored and blessed to have heard this especially from you. 

Along with our first awkward exchange of “I love you”s, you never fail to compensate more. Tatay, I will not promise you anything but I can assure you that all your drunken awesome inspiring speeches will always be noted, that your motivational support are always accepted. 

 As I write this letter, I also remember the best compliment I have ever received. It is not that I am beautiful or that I am smart or intelligent or that I am good. But Tatay, it’s what you said to me before, that I am brave for venturing new environments at this young age. Again, I am honored for what you said. Thank you soo much.

Tatay, malipay ako haim. Waray na ako maaaro pa nga iba na tatay kay ikaw na it pinakamaupay. Thank you tatay. I love you soooooo much! God bless. 🙂



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