How to be prepared for school?

What does it really take for a college student to prepare for classes?

I don’t know. I am pondering and reflecting on this. 

Should it be that he or she has the tools such as notebooks and pens readied? Should it be that he or she vow to balance studying and recreations? Should she or he be financially supplied? 

I don’t know. But here I am at home, and it is already enrollment week this week. Maybe, I will start on Thursday. And what? Classes in the Engineering Department don’t usually start promptly. But anyways, I am actually thrilled, or at least calmly thrilled to go to school. I am not usually like this. I would have this homesick jitters. But I guess I am used to this already or maybe not. Maybe I am meant to travel. I love this assumption. 

And so, I won’t really prepare myself to classes. I would just prep myself to the wishlist I made for this school year, pack my bags, unpack them at the dorm and just be fit. I will be well. God bids me to be well this school year. We know He means well. 🙂 


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