I have made a lot of mistakes. However, this college, mistakes are inconsiderable. 

College is the phase of life that introduces students to earn what they want. Spoonfeeding might happen but one must not rely on it. Hard work and commitment is greater than talent and complacency. That’s one of the subtle facts there is. 

Nevertheless, I will try to enumerate my mistakes or overlooked things back then so that I will not reiterate them this year. I pray to God that He will guide me in this exercises. May I be humbled so that I would be exalted. 

Here are my mistakes pointed out, exposed to the limelight:

  • I have become complacent. For instance, I watch an episode while I do my homework. 
  • I do not study. For instance, I just simply watch a series while it nears the end. 
  • I am easily distracted. I was highly distracted. For instance, I had a fling -a stupid regrettable fling. 
  • I have failed to make friends well. My last year experience in the dorm was the worst -THE WORST!
  • I have become disorganized. And this is a very big deal because I work efficiently when I am organized
  • I have taken for granted the rules. Rules have become nothing like passing the midterm, curfew, etc. 
  • I have lost my self to someone not special and this is the one last thing I am going to regret. Nothing more. 
  • I have stopped practicing my Engineering Problems that is why during exams, I am baffled and flabbergasted. Next meeting, I have failed. 
  • I have become superficial. I started spending my money to useless and unflattering things like clothes, shoes and food. 
  • I have accepted the average which is even worse. 

Mistakes are fine. But if they are done twice. Something must be wrong. 

I pledge in this blog post that I would not repeat these unacceptable mistakes. I vow to make excellence as my lifestyle. I won’t care if people would call me perfectionist/obsessive-compulsive. I will do what I do with God’s love and grace. I will do my best because God will do the rest. 🙂 


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