I am just your ordinary girl.

Being a salon-treated girl, I annually have my hair rebonded and have my nails weekly trimmed. It’s my destined lifestyle. It sounds kind of glamorous but I still like it.

The 4 hours of sitting and the feeling of being stretched is one of the longest moments I have ever experienced. I can feel every strand of my hair being stretched. Damn, it is so painful. It’s a tear-jerker that makes grit my teeth so hard.

But in the end, I always tell myself that this is all worth the pain and the money. All these superficiality actually help me. It helps me save time from fixing my hair every day of my life. It doesn’t burden me in my everyday life. I am blessed.

For my 9 years of rebonding my hair, I guess I will stop on the tenth time. I will start embracing my naturally thick and wavy hair. I surely miss. It’s time to take full responsibility on every part of me. And besides, my mother might stop financing me from these thousands of money just for this long hair. 🙂

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. But in school, it is just nothing but to attract or distract others. I am blessed with a long rebonded hair. And I will take care of this for one year. 🙂



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