I heard your heart said love, love, love. :)

I wondered if you ever wondered that we could be together? I mean, in a relationship, you know. Because when I was with you for that long time, I can still feel the spark that we have. It’s still brightly shining. I wondered if you wondered. 

For sure, I love being with you the entire time. Seriously, you had this low sweet voice that I could not fathom. Its sweetness is so unfathomable that I wanted another topic to discuss just to hear your voice. And I know I would. So I anticipated it and once I heard your voice again, my wholeness intently listened to your being. The time shared between the two of us was never wasted. It will never be taken for granted. 🙂 

I am honored that your choice of a life partner has same attributes with mine. I am really honored because you truly love me and since you couldn’t be with me that time, you saw another me. And you wooed her. And you two are in a relationship. I am happy for you. 

I won’t wonder anymore because it doesn’t matter with our circumstances now. God bless to you, my ex-MU. 🙂


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