Intimate Thoughts: Living Outside the Box

My mole on the sole of my right foot says that I love to travel. And that is highly true. 

I do love to travel. My urge to travel has lead me to the conclusion that there is more to life than inside the house, tv and books. There is more to life in the market, mall, restaurants, cafes, bookstores, skies, streets, airport, oval and many populated places. 

i have been to all the places mentioned beforehand. And I am always fascinated by the many tweaks each place offers. 

In the market, when I stand still, I don’t only see people not wanting to wait to pass by but also vendors who seem to be selling their whole life and time of transactions. They build the price to a high extent because they know people would bargain for something cheaper and they will allow because they need to sell everything before midnight. Then, they start their businesses in the early morning waiting for those who buy in bulks. Life for them has become more than just the fishy smell and the dirty sweats but it has become a life and lifestyle they have come to accept. I love these people. They are always direct to the point. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

While in the airport, everybody seems to be groggy and irritable. I am one of them sometimes. I am always hating the sight of lines. But hey, I guess I would have to spend a quarter of my life waiting to be confirmed and waiting to be  married, won’t I? In the waiting lounge, I could say that everybody loves the sight of a humongous aircraft. It is a not a daily sight. That’s why people stop their vanity in their iPads and start capturing the glory an aircraft carries; people stop eating their Dunkin Treats and just mesmerizes the love of an aerodynamic vehicle; people stop watching the same show on TV because they see an amazing thing that carries a number of people. I stop and look at the majestic mechanical thing and mesmerize at the daring inventor who pushed through this kind of project. I wonder, what will I contribute in the world of Mechanical Engineering?

Next on the list is the Mall. Malls kind of make the world smaller. Literally speaking, in one visit, I almost met twenty-five people whom I have known and that just embarrassed the whole lot of me because I don’t want to see all of them. But hey, where do people usually opt to go on a boring hot summer day? 

There are a lot more amazing places where you could learn to observe the everyday subtleties. The streets bring far more lot than the path which lead you to where you want to go. The streets show you how different business are booming with unique names like The Hungry Juan and Oh My Wash. The streets also show you that you can live in it. Take the homeless people, for example. You can’t really say that they are homeless because they literally live on the streets. 

For the love of God, explore. Don’t just imprison yourself in your own apartment facing the same face or monitor everyday. Go out and see the green and colors the world is offering you. Love and laugh at the sights you don’t always see everyday and just treasure every fleeting moment that has come to pass. 🙂



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