Open your minds

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“Minds are like Parachutes, they only function when they are open.”

I read this today and thought, “Wow, that is so true.”  It amazes me at how many people have closed minds.  Just think about all the people who have REALLY made a difference in their lives as well as others, just because they opened their mind to new and different ways of thinking.  Every single one of them had an open mind.  Really think about it.  Abraham Lincoln, freed the slaves when so many people were against it.  And it’s because of his open mind, chains of other historical events occurred.  How about Christopher Columbus?  So many people believed that there was only one way to the Philippines, and that was around Africa (because the world was flat).  Bill Gates?  Dropped out of High School to play with computers/technology.  Albert Einstein?  Donald J. Trump?  Harrison Ford? I could go…

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