To Be A Good Steward

To be a good steward, is a challenge. God has given us blessings so numerable. He has given us not only dreams, but also visions. He has given us not only responsibilities, but privileges He has given us not only causes, but also burdens. He has given us not only people, but relationships. He has […]

A Warm Christmas Day

This 2015, the 25th welcomed us with a bright shot of sunlight as a few crease of the curtain made a hole to the room. As the day went by here at home, it seemed like a normal one. It’s just that… There’s full awareness within us of the REASON FOR THIS SEASON, Jesus. It’s the […]

Overthinking: Insights

Overthinking is a habit that I am planning to overcome or to make it to my advantage. She was 6 and she was at the back, drawing, and the teacher said this little girl hardly ever paid attention, and in this drawing lesson she did. The teacher was fascinated and she went over to her and she said, ‘What […]

Family: Together Again

It is a happy moment when parents visit us here. My mother and father checks on the refrigerator; it wasn’t turned on and it was as empty as an eggshell. But just a few days, we become undeniably well-nourished and well-pampered as abundance of healthy food becomes apparent in the refrigerator and on the dining table. […]

Collecting Again: Recollection

Here, is a lovely sketch by one of the students in my lifegroup. Yesterday at Hope Mountain, it was a lovely avenue to enjoy nature and just talk about God’s Word with Grade 8 students of PSHS-SMC (Philippine Science High School-Southern Mindanao Campus). Being with these students, I slightly reminisce the moments in my high school […]

When the Day Rains with Blessings…

Last Friday of the month, it is raining with blessings -small and big, unnoticeable and the obvious. Collectively for the whole week, these stories of sunshine and rainbows are worth sharing. The beauty with blessings depends on the perspective of the beholder. So, even with celebrations and even with the delays, the beholder effectively and boldly […]

Saturday of Firsts

Noting in my calendar, I savor this day for having the number of firsts. 🙂 Because while I am here in this city, away from the home I used to live, I finally experienced these things: Going out of the house and commuting at 5AM Jogging & Zumba at People’s Park with friends Meeting a […]